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Emma has throughout her life had a passion for sport and fitness. Ever since winning her first ever Cross Country Race at the age of 8, she has been hooked.  A successful runner and hockey player at school, representing Gloucestershire, Emma went on the compete at International level in Pony Club Tetrathlon and from there becoming an accomplished horsewoman, competing in Three Day Eventing, Open Teamchasing and as a Point to Point Jockey.



At the age of 16, Emma started her passion of educating others.  She loves to share her knowledge and inspire others to be at their absolute best. Initially it was her love of riding that initiated Emma into teaching, taking her all over the country and abroad for the next 30 years educating the young, setting up Pony clubs and training Instructors.

However, Emma always knew if it wasn’t for the horses, she would be involved in her other love, sport.  She always believed that when she was at her fittest, she rode so much better and spent much time educating the young on this aspect, as she felt most riders did not recognise riding as a sport and were not fit enough hindering their ponies / horses. Emma drove her own fitness by regularly running Marathons for different charities.  In 2006, now married to  Richard and having moved to Upper Sapey in Worcestershire, with 2 children, she landed her dream job at Abberley Hall Prep School as a Sports Coach & PE Teacher. Emma was in her element helping children from the age of 4 to 13 years develop themselves in movement, balance and coordination in PE, and encouraging them to be skilled players on the pitch and work as a team.


It was during this time that Emma was starting to feel the after effects of all those years of road running and injuries acquired whilst riding her beloved horses. Alongside her already diagnosed Fibromyalgia and Thyroid problems, she discovered she had Osteoarthritis and spurs in her left hip causing her much pain. Consultants told her to give up the running and that competing days were over. A hip replacement would be necessary in the near future. She was 45! Her paths then crossed with a lady who would change her life in many ways.  Penni, an incredible physiotherapist not only helped Emma with her huge knowledge and treatment, but introduced Emma to Pilates.  There were 3 outcomes of this.  Emma became sound and completed 2 full Ironman, the second one at the age of 48 and the hardest in Europe, The Welsh Ironman, raising funds for an ex pupil of hers whom is paralysed from a racing fall. The third saw Emma reluctantly leave Abberley Hall after 10 years to retrain as a Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher and Biomechanics Trainer. 

Through the connection Emma has made with Penni, she has gained an amazing referral point and a friend to get advice from and send her clients to should they need treatment.

Emma now works with several therapists to give clients the best service possible.



Emma now approaching her 50th year, is completely obsessed with movement and passionate about people being at their best, and so the 'Enhanced Movement Studio' is born. She wants to share her knowledge and help them.  It doesn’t matter what a person’s goal is, it is just important to have one.  She believes we can all improve ourselves and in striving to do so you will be rewarded.

So many of us treat our bodies like machines until something goes wrong then we want a quick fix!  Emma still works with young people, some of which are ex pupils from her school days!  As a mother now of 2 teenagers she is very driven to educate the young on how to look after themselves and feels Pilates should be taught in schools, especially as so many are doing so much competitive sport whilst growing and constantly stooped engrossed in technology. Referring it to a modern day Deportment Class!  But she is equally driven to help everyone, especially those of her own age group and above, trying to cope with lifestyle stress and who need to refocus on themselves, as well as the Athletes who have ‘winged it’ for so long it has now caught up with them! And the elderly who are extremely rewarding and appreciative of having more energy and being able to do basic functional moves again.


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