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Emma continues to motivate those who are like minded around her, setting her own goals.  In 2018, with 2 clients / friends and a friend, now a Boot Camper,  successfully completed the Cumbrian Challenge for WWTW finishing 6th and first ladies home.  The same team is taking on the 'Race to The Tower' back at Emma’s home, Broadway in May 2019 which is 2 back to back cross country marathons. 

Emma took part in the 'Abberley Hall Bike Ride' in June 2018 for WWTW for her 7th year. She probably considers this event to be the most special from her Challenge Calendar.  Organised by the school, a group of 12/13  year old children ride 148 miles in one day from Abberley Hall to Manobier. It teaches the children so much about resilience, courage and commitment. 

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                  M A R A T H O N   D E S   S A B L E S

Back In 2011 I did my first Full Ironman to raise funds for Walking With The Wounded following an emotional visit to see friend/ex pony club pupil Guy Disney In Selly Oak following his injury in Afghanistan. Nothing could have prepared me for what a saw that day. Guy demonstrated what so many of these men and women do against adversity in the following months and years. I have been inspired by them and all their achievements whether it be Walking to The North Pole, South Pole, Invictus Games and of course Guy becoming the first jockey to achieve his licence minus half his leg since the war and then going on to win The Military Gold Cup! But of course the Charity is so much more, these achievements are simply their shop window to demonstrate the resilience they have. There is much suffering mentally and physically and WWTW plays a crucial role in rehabbing them and getting them back integrated with local community and the workplace where the Government fails to do so. More veterans are now dying off the battle field than on it.

I met Ed Parker in the early days and got him to come and speak of their expeditions at Abberley Hall. It was clear what a special and personal charity this is. Roll forward to last year and 4 of us Ex and Present Abberley Hall Parents successfully completed the Cumbrian Challenge raising a further £2000 for WWTW. To now and at Abberley Hall we have just successfully ridden 143 miles with the Year 8s (12/13 year olds) in one day from Abberley Hall to Manobier. Andrew and Emma Cook from WWTW joined us as the children demonstrated traits of soldiers in harsh winds sand rain to raise a further £8000.00.


We all have our own journey, and I have had mine! Amongst other things Depression has been an ongoing battle for me since the age of 17 years old. Often it is the unseen Illness that completely disrupts your world. ‘Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover!’

In 2016 I took on Full Ironman Wales for another Ex Pupil who had been paralysed race riding. This year I am 50 and wanted to step up the challenge! This Challenge is considered ‘The Toughest Footrace on earth’ , 5 1/2 marathons over 5 to 6 days across the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Temperatures around 50 C carrying all your own food and supplies. CAN’T WAIT! It will be huge for me but one which I feel honoured to be able to take on and to be part of the iconic Walking With The Wounded Team IS MIND BLOWING.


Scared and Excited! Kick On!


D O N A T E  H E R E 

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